Aluminium products

Aluminium windows are made of Aluminium profiles which are powder coated or anodized, thus are protected from oxidation (the appearance of an outbreak of salt on the surface of Aluminium), with or without thermal breaks - so-called worm or cold profiles.

Aluminium is recognised by its excellent static properties, and therefore it is a good structural material. It is suitable for making large - scale and high - frequency positions, as next to its strength, it possess an attractive design.

Aluminium is a poor insulator, and therefore windows without thermal breaks have poor insulation properties. These profiles are used for internal partition of the rooms, or for making joinery in the buildings where insulation is not necessary. To make Aluminium a good insulator, and preserve thermal energy within the premises, it is necessary to use a profile with thermal breaks (warm profile). Within its construction, it Aluminium has a built in polyamide strip that separates the external and internal chamber profile, and therefore does not allow heat loss through the profile itself.

Like PVC, Aluminium joinery can be produced in a whole range of different colours, sizes and shapes.

In making Aluminium joinery, Molde Ltd. Uzice uses profiles of Greek producers Elvial, but other profiles such as Doral, Alumil, Aluk or any other Greek, Italian or west European profiles can be used, by the request of the customer.

  • Termička izolacija: Uf 2,5 W/ m2K
  • Zvučna izolacija max: Rw=36 prema standardu DIN EN ISO 140-3
  • Otpornost na provable max WK2 prema standardu DIN V ENV 1627
  • Propustljivost vazduha prema standardu DIN EN 12207 Class : 4
  • Propustljivost vode prema standardu DIN EN 12208 Class : 9Α
  • Otpornost na udare vetra prema standardu DIN EN 12210: Class : C5 / B5
  • Mehanička otpornost prema standardu DIN EN 13115 Class : 0
  • Dugotrajna funkcionalnost prema standardu DIN EN 12400 Class :