Our wide range of products will satisfy all needs of even the most demanding clients, both for quality and for economic joinery. Our PVC profiles from renowned German producers, Profine, guarantee colour, fastness and durability of products, resistant to sunlight, wind, rain, frost – consequently protected from cracking or peeling.

Aluminum profiles from Greek producers Elvial, used in the preparation of Al joinery, are also very competitive in today’s market, to the design and quality, with regard to endurance, i.e. resistance to weather influences.
Thanks to the Profine multi-chamber profiles, you will significantly save through heating in winter and cooling in summer. Utilising our products reduces the need for heating or cooling in the living space, and therefore the CO2 emissions, therefore contributing to protecting the environment from global warming. In its production of the profiles, instead of harmful lead, Profine use calcium-zinc stabilizers, which are not harmful for the environment. Using thermo glass reduces noise up to 20%, and in combination with Profine profiles up to 50%. Besides double glazed glass, we offer send-blasted, as well as other types of glass and for all we guarantee exceptional quality and durability.

Evidence of the Profine profiles durability is test conducted in Switzerland ( Albergo Ospizio Bernina ) at 2309m above sea level. Windows were installed back in 1976. and two were taken out in 1991. to be tested. Tests carried provided solid evidence of  the Profine profiles durability over the time in different climate conditions.