About us

Molde Ltd. Uzice is located in the former factory "First Partizan", and is situated on more than 600m² of business and manufacturing space. The company’s PVC joinery production is established through reputable machinery brands for PVC and glass processing from Germany, Austria and United States; such as Urban, Wegoma, Actual, Billco, Rotox and others.
Machines, such as the Actual four-head welder, Wegoma two-head welder, Urban corner cleaners with  automatic turning station for weld cleaning on all four sides, the Powasert automatic screwing machine, the Billco processing line for glass and other forms of compact units that can meet the needs of a modern, complex market both in terms of capacity, as well as design and functionality.
The basis of our business philosophy is to follow the needs of modern construction, and to adapt to different and complex architectural requirements. Certainty of the quality that we offer for all our products, they have a guarantee that is competitive in today's challenging market, with a price that is reasonable and no less competitive.
The main focus of the company Molde Ltd. is the production of large amounts of PVC joinery so that the speed and quality standards are met for the needs of even the most demanding customers. In terms of technology, the company adds the experience of recognised at high end quality manufacturers from the USA, Germany, Australia and the Scandinavian countries, so that the product quality is undeniable. In particular, it insists on the esthetics of the product, with the forms following Italian design, but also the specific requirements of British and other Western European and world markets.

Developed sales networks ensure efficient delivery and installation in Serbia and the Balkans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to economically make improvements and to work on refining every part of your home, by making it safer, lighter and warmer.

Our Vision

By using elegant design and high quality of PVC joinery, the company's vision is to conquer the market not only in Serbia; but also in the Balkan area as well as Europe as a whole.

Our Objectives

Guided by the general economic situation in Serbia, our goal is to satisfy the customer's needs for products where the price is reasonable, and the quality is guaranteed.