Production Program

Depending on the hole size into which the windows or doors are being installed, and by your wish, we produce single and bisectional PVC joinery, opening on hinges (inside rooms or outside), tilt and turn or sliding, with visible or hidden hinges and handles that allow for easy and safe handling. Window sizes that we produce range from 400 x 400mm, up to 2400 x 3400mm, in one piece.

By purchasing our doors, you are ensuring a comfortable and safe home. Our large selection of panels, various kinds of glass and glass fittings provide great possibilities of combination and integration in all styles; modern interiors and exteriors of today.
From our wide range of aluminium and PVC are:

  • Front doors
  • Snap-in sliding doors
  • Lift and slide doors
  • Balcony doors (heat insulation)
  • Folding doors (barrier)
  • Internal doors
  • Various types of industrial doors (roller and panel / bi-sectional)
  • Fixed windows ( without opening )
  • Tilt and turn windows (opening inwards - into the room)
  • Swivel or tilt windows (opening outwards)
  • Sash windows
  • Sliding windows
All windows can be made as single, or bisectional, or combined fixed and opening.

We offer accessories such as:
  • External blinds
  • Internal blinds
  • Outer shutters
  • Horizontal and vertical mosquito mesh