PVC Products

Unlike wooden and aluminium joinery, the use of PVC profiles in making construction joinery we are getting elements that require very low and simple maintenance.

Also, PVC profiles have better thermal insulation features compared to the other two. PVC joints are welded so that the entire product makes a compact whole.

In the following table, the comparative values of the coefficient of thermal conductivity are shown.


Window material Standard PVC windows Wooden windows Aluminium profiles without thermal breaks Aluminium profiles with thermal breaks
Uw (W/m² KW 1.3 1.6 4.9 3.3

For PVC joinery to have the necessary stability inside it, metal reinforcements with corrosion protection (galvanised) are implemented within.
Main business of the Molde Ltd. is production of PVC joinery from profiles of German producer Profine.

Profine Group, well known to the market, is mother company of the KBE, Trocal and Kömmerling, which constitute one of the largest companies for the production of PVC profiles in the world. Eventhough it is known that Profine production consists of five-chamber profiles (such minimum requirements of the European market) and six-chamber profiles, quality is not only reflected in the number of chambers, but also in fastness to sunlight, weather resistance, and in combining wood and aluminium with PVC. This gives aesthetically sophisticated joinery that meets the most demanding eye of the customer.